What kind of weekend player are you?

Have you thought of it by any chance? Here at Slot Planet we have over 600 games available and they are all different types of games. It offers you as a player a variety of online games guaranteed to match your taste. If you always play slots for example, maybe you will try something else this weekend after you have read this. Let’s find out!


Slot Games are very popular to play at Online Casinos. When you play a Slot Game you will spin the reels into success. With a certain amount of win lines in the game, it will give you a lot of different chances to win when you spin the reel. Depending on which symbols that will show and where on the reel, you have the chance to win. In the most Slot Games there is different features and wild symbols that is like a Joker, it could turn into any symbol. Cool, right! Try out the slot game Jack and the Beanstalk from the game provider NetEnt.


The wheel will spin and the ball will spin the other way around until it drops! The ball will land in one of the 37 numbers available. You can bet in a lot of ways when you play Roulette – Single number, Red or Black, Odd or Even or High or Low for example. The different bets will give you different payouts. Do you dare to bet against the wheel? Why not try out the game Roulette Advanced - Low Limit from the game provider NetEnt.

Scratch card:

You can go to a shop and buy scratch cards, but this is an easier way, to curiously scratch the card online at home. You will get the option to scratch the card, box by box, to see if you receive the same symbol at least 3 times. If you get the same symbol more than 3 times it can lock up more boxes for you to scratch. Find out if this is something for you in the game Pots o´ Luck from the game provider Probability Jones.


Also known as Twenty-One! You will play against the dealer and the goal is to get as close as possible to 21 with your cards. If you get 21 there is a big chance you´ll win against the dealer. Ace can be both 1 and 11, it depends what rules the game you play has. You will receive 2 cards from the dealer and 10, J, Q and K are all worth 10. When you have received the two cards, you can choose to take another card to get closer 21 or to stop, and see if you can win against the dealer. Let´s try to hit 21 in the game Blackjack from the game provider NetEnt.

Soooo…Is it time to try another type of game or do you have your favourites already? Maybe there is a game type you have not tried yet and feel like it could be something you will be longing to play in the weekends? Let’s at least put it this way, there is a game for everyone. If you already have your weekend planned with your favourite games, then that is awesome. If there is any specific game you would like to see at Slot Planet, don’t be shy to contact us for feedback. You can find all specific games easily when you select Categories or Provider from the Games page.

We at Slot Planet wish you a great weekend and hope you will have loads of fun.