What are progressive Jackpots?

You’ve probably read about BIG winners before and wondered, “How is it possible to win that much?” Well, by playing progressive jackpots instead of standard slots. Allow us to introduce you to a new level of entertainment!

What is the difference between normal slots and jackpot slots? And what are progressive jackpots? First, progressive means that the jackpot (money to be won) will grow over time. All bets wagered in the slot machine will make the progressive jackpot grow over time. One common thing in jackpot slots is that there are 3 levels of winning – ‘minor’, ‘major’ and ‘mega’. The myth says that you will have a better chance of a big win if you only make max bets. This is not true. You can win big even with the smallest bet possible!

Usually, game providers (such as NetEnt) have more than one progressive jackpot game running. All jackpot games under one provider share the same jackpot. So, all you have to do is pick your favourite game!

Progressive jackpot slots can be found in land-based casinos and popular online casino (like Slot Planet!). Online casinos usually have their games categorised for your convenience. Here at Slot Planet, you will find our progressive jackpot games in the category Progressive Jackpots Slots.

The seed amount

The seed amount is the minimum amount of money that’s guaranteed by the slot developer and the casino hosting the game. When the jackpot amount is won, the full amount of money in the progressive balance is paid to the player. As it would be boring for you as players if the balance went from a massive amount to 0, the provider will make sure the balance resets to a healthy sum. This is called a “seed amount”.

All progressive jackpots are different and are to be played in different ways. On some slots you must wager a minimum amount per spin before you become eligible to win a jackpot prize. However, you should remember that the progressive jackpot slots are played by millions of people worldwide, and the big wins do not happen as often as normal slot game wins.

If you like slots but feel like injecting that extra bit of excitement into your play time, we fully recommend trying progressive jackpot slots. Go ahead and let us know what you think!