REVEALED: The True Cost Of Star Wars’ Canto Bight Casino

Many fans were divided over the appearance of the glamorous casino planet Canto Bight when Star Wars: The Last Jedi was released. One thing that couldn’t be argued, however, was the glamorous nature of the casino on show as Finn and Rose escaped from the local law enforcement - Canto Bight’s Police Force.

We’re all huge Star Wars fans here at Slot Planet, so to celebrate Star Wars Day - we dived deeper into the mysterious hidden depths of Canto Bight Casino to reveal exactly how much it would cost to keep the most exclusive casino in the galaxy running - and, as you might expect with such high-class clientele, it’s a huge amount - over £9.9 billion pounds a year to be precise.

That’s not all. Our data scientists have also researched the many exotic casino games and activities on offer for the wealthy visitors to this cutting-edge coastal casino on Cantonica - in particular to see how they compared to traditional casino games..

Of course there’s no way such a large casino could ever be built back here on Earth, but at least if anyone was thinking about it - we now know just how much it would cost!

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