New year, new me!

Who is up for a new look and a fresh start this year? At least Slot Planet is!

Have you taken the time to check out the brand-new design of Slot Planet? Make sure you do, as I have a lot of fantastic things I want to share with you. Slot Planet has changed the look and it is here to stay!

Some of the new parts here at Slot Planet is that you can find the answers to your questions easier through our support section in the bottom. You can also scroll through the site much smoother and hopefully, you will like the new design as much as we at Slot Planet do. I mean, first of all, who does not like purple?

I want to celebrate the new design with you and feeling very generous! Make sure that you will log in to your account to be a part of all the fun I have prepared for you. It will surely spin your world!

For our loyal players, we at Slot Planet would like to give you something special! How about a great first deposit offer to make things feel all brand new once again? Try out the first deposit offer as it was the first time and make sure you will have loads of fun! Click here to see our welcome offer.

Are you sure you have all the information for this exciting launch? Let me help you with a quick update!

What is happening?

Slot Planet has made a totally makeover and want to celebrate it with you.


Slot Planet!



I wish you a great time here at Slot Planet and make sure, that if you have any questions, the support is just one click away. Still available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week for you.

Let’s kick start this year with all of us at Slot Planet and have loads of fun together! Are you ready?