New Slot - Vikings from NetEnt!

Since the release of ‘Vikings’, back in 2013, its garnered more and more praise – rising above the great many period epics streaming today. So, as you can imagine, we were veeery excited to receive news about NetEnt’s new themed slot. And here we are, giving you the chance to try it at Slot Planet!

You’ll see all the classic symbols 10, J, Q, K and A, mixed in with some familiar faces, including Lagertha, Floki, Bjorn and of course, Ragnar Lothbrok. There’s also the Vikings “V” symbol, one of the most rewarding symbols – paying out 7 times your stake if you land 7 along a payline.

The Hotspot feature will be triggered once you land one of the Viking symbols (Lagertha, Floki, Bjorn or Ragnar) on reel 3. The character that lands on the Hotspot will turn any other character symbol that lands on reel 3 into itself – which will translate to a hefty win!

Vikings™ also has a Shields Wall feature that can be triggered in both the base game and within the Raid Spins feature. The Shield Wall will appear as mystery symbols in a random area on the reels and turn into different symbols (chosen at random).

Back to the Raid Spins feature – the bonus round will be triggered once you land 3 Raid Spins symbols on the reels. You will then play with 5 rows and 7 reels. If you land a Viking symbol in 1 or more hotspots, all other Viking symbols on the reels will transform into the Viking symbol that landed in the hotspot. This means a very, very big win!

What else can we say about this great slot? It looks and sounds incredible. Seriously, you’ll want to watch the show after playing the game, if you haven’t yet (like we said, it is about time!), and it’s packed with highly rewarding features.

Who are we kidding - when has NetEnt ever disappointed with their themed slots? Their games are designed to perfection, enveloping the player in a rich tapestry of visual and aural excellence – reflecting their love for the material they’ve drawn inspiration from - while, at the same time packing into the game fun, rewarding features that will keep players entertained for hours on end! Jump on Vikings™ today but be careful… they are known for being quite vicious!