Moet and Chandon Imperial champagne – who would say no to that?

Moet and Chandon Imperial champagne is probably one of the bestselling non-vintage champagne. Created in 1869 and has become one of the most iconic celebratory drink worldwide. So, we decided to send our big winner a bottle to celebrate with style.

My heart was raging and pinched myself to see of it was not a dream.

When we contacted our friend, he said that he was glad to hear from us and that he was happy that we wanted to celebrate the win with him. We will send him a bottle of Moet and Chandon Imperial champagne and a pair of Swarovski glasses from us, for this special occasion.

Our friend told us that he never had a win like this before and that he did not realize that he had won. He said; “My heart was raging and pinched myself to see of it was not a dream”.

After a day at work, he came home and noticed that his phone battery was low. He took his phone and charged it and meanwhile, he started to play one of his favourite games: Roulette.He told us he won some smaller wins in the beginning, but after deciding to place two bigger bets – one of them did hit the big win! Wohooo!

Our friend told everyone he could think of directly and was up on his ears happy. When he told everyone about the news, his friends and family did not believe that he had won this amount of money.

We asked him if he had any special thoughts regarding what he would like to do with his winnings. He told us that he bought a new car and that he is planning to go on a holiday somewhere warmer. Will he use the brand new car to go somewhere warmer? We don’t know but we surely wish him happy travels!

Our friend´s favourite game of all time is roulette, as he can decide which numbers he want to bet on himself and then the rest is luck. We can only agree with him, roulette is a fantastic game with many ways of betting. You can find yourself some favourite numbers or go with different bets every round. Roulette will offer you as a player to choose between either a single number, various groupings of numbers, a number that is odd or even, the colors red or black, or if the numbers are high or low. If you never tried to play Roulette before, you can find our best roulette games at Slot Planet here.

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We are super happy for our friend who managed to win this big. Who knows, next time it might be you? Cheers!