Mobile VS Desktop – what do you prefer?

Mobile or desktop while you are playing online games, what do you prefer? There is almost nobody that does not have a mobile or smartphone these days. What makes it easier to play online games with a mobile vs desktop then?

Over the years all the online casinos have been growing bigger and bigger. It is a huge market that suites a lot of different people as it offers a lot of different games. Slot Planet are trying to keep up with all the new games at our online casino to keep you as a player happy.

To play online slots, online roulette or online poker on a desktop or on a mobile could be a bit different but it is good to be able to choose. You can be flexible and use both devices or why not try to play on your tablet? The most online games are available to play on desktop, mobile and tablet at Slot Planet.

Playing online slots and online games on your desktop can make it feel easier, as you most likely will be in your house or somewhere you feel comfortable to play. You might have better internet connection and you can relax in a way you can’t do if you are on the run. You will also be able to play the most online games on your desktop. But let’s face the fact, the mobile has been in focus a long time and it is here to stay. It has been in focus for some years now and will grow bigger every year. To play online games and gamble on your mobile has a lot of effects that will make it easier for you as a player.

As you most likely always bring your mobile with you, you will have the chance to play wherever you go. At Slot Planet we have more players playing online on their mobile vs desktop. We have 2/3 that are playing online games on their mobile and tablets and 1/3 that is playing online games on their desktop. Most likely, some of the players are using both desktop and mobile to play online games.

Majority of our Slot Planet visitors come from:

  • United Kingdom
  • Sweden
  • Germany
  • New Zealand

Today you do everything on your mobile, checking the weather, booking tickets, paying bills, reading the news, reading books, checking social media and playing on online casinos. You have everything in one small device, that is pretty amazing. We can tell you this, mobile vs desktop, mobile is a trend and it dominates the market as you can tell from the numbers above.

It is easier and faster these days to play online games on your mobile. As you have it with you most of the time, you will be able to play your favourite games on the bus, the train, the metro, at home, well, everywhere! As long as you have a good connection, you have all possibilities to play online games on your mobile anywhere. That is what I call convenient!