How to play online slots!

I have put together an online slots guide for those of you that are interested in knowing more about online slots. I will go through some basics but also give you more details that are good to know while playing an online slot game.

Have you played the most classic slot machine? If you have, you know it has 3 reels and that you need to receive 3 of the same symbols lined in the middle of the reels to win. When you go to our games section and select the slots category, you will find online slots. The online slots usually have 5 reels and you will mostly win with different combinations, not only in the middle of the reel. These winning combinations can be diagonal or even in a zigzag.

Pay Lines

When you open a slot game, you will have the option of selecting the pay lines. Usually an online slot has 1-20+ pay lines in one game. When you select the pay lines in the game you will be able to see where the pay lines are located on the reels. If an online slot has 25 pay lines and you select to play with all of them, that means that you have twenty-five possible ways of winning with every spin. You can get a winning streak anywhere along the pay line. As I said before, you can win when the matching symbols are in a zigzag or spread out on the reel. You cannot decide which pay line to bet on, only the number of pay lines you want to play with.

Wild Symbols

Most online slots have a wild symbol that can show up on the reel. You only need two identical symbols to win if you also receive a wild symbol in the same round. Each online slot has a unique wild symbol design. This symbol stands for any other symbol when you are playing.

Scatter Symbols

The scatter symbols are another great feature when you are playing an online slot. The scatter symbols can generate several different outcomes. The scatter symbols can award you with different things while you are playing, like coin prizes or bonus rounds. To receive these prizes, you will have to receive 3 or more scatter symbols on the reels.


Before you start playing an online slot you must decide how many pay lines you would like to play with as well as what bet you would like to bet per round. There is usually a minimum and a maximum of bet points you can select in an online slot. The higher you bet per spin, the higher the reward will be.

You can find more specific information regarding the game you want to play by clicking on the “?” symbol or the “i” symbol in the game. You can then choose to click on the spin button every time you want to spin or set it to auto play. Then you can select the amount of spins you want it to spin for you. Usually you can let it spin up to 100 times for you. If you select auto play, you can always pause it if needed.

I hope I have made it clearer for you how to play our online slots. You can find all the online slots we have here. If you have any other questions regarding online slots, please feel free to contact our Support Team.