How does online live casino work?

Browse the games section any online casino and you’ll likely come across a category called “Live Casino”. Enter and you’ll be presented with the real-life land-based casino experience from the comfort of your own home - playing against a living, breathing dealer! Cool, right?!

If you’ve ever set foot in a land-based casino and enjoyed their table games then we confidently recommend the Live Casino experience. Live Casino streams are typically crisp and consistent, especially those provided by eGaming power houses NetEnt and Evolution Gaming. The dealers are specially trained and often enjoy a good chat with their players. You’re also able to have a fun chat with the other players and, if you’re really looking to try your luck, can play on more than one seat (if they’re available).

How exactly do Live Casinos work?

So, provided you’re already logged into Slot Planet and browsing our live casino library, you must first select one of the many games we have available. Once you’re at this stage – let’s say you’ve chosen a blackjack game – you’ll be asked to select your seat at the table. As stated earlier, if more than one seat is available, and you’re feeling lucky, you’ll have the opportunity to play with multiple hands – just as you would in a land-based casino.

The live dealer uses cards that contain microchips or have small barcodes printed on them that the dealing shoe (card holding device) will scan as they’re dealt. This keeps the games running smooth and fair (and renders cheating impossible). The same computer program scanning the cards will relay the information to both the dealer (the information is presented on a screen in front of them) and the players, so, in the unlikely event an error occurs and what you see on the table in the live feed doesn’t correlate with the hand the game has shown you, there’s no need to panic. The error would have already been spotted!

The games also run at a fun pace! All bets are returned/taken immediately, and the next hand will start shortly after. After every round, you will be given a certain time limit to place a bet if you want to join the next round. During game rounds, the dealer will wait for the players to make a decision - whether to hit/stand/split (depending on the initial hand you’re dealt) or double-down. Once all players have settled on their hands, the dealer will act.

So, if you’re into the high-energy, classy, velvet aesthetic of land-based casinos but can’t quite bring yourself to leave the comfort of your own home, then we fully recommend visiting our live casino! With specially trained dealers and reliable, high quality streams, we can assure you that your experience in this arena will be consistently exhilarating!

We have a variety of Live Casino games for you to enjoy at Slot Planet, so log in, sit back, relax and enjoy!