​We have our Formula 1 winner!

We have our winner!

When we contacted our winner that lives in Germany, he told us that he did not realize that he had won the draw of our promotion Formula 1 until we called him. He was happy to hear the great news that he had won the amazing prize of this promotion - a trip to see the Formula 1 Race worth 3500 €. Our winner said that he is interested in Formula 1 and that he is happy to get the chance to go and see it.

Our winner told us that he wanted to go and share the news with his friends directly. I would have done the same! Why not celebrate this together with the people you like the most? Because that is what I call a special day!

Formula 1 Race

The Formula 1 Race were available between 1st of April till the 14th of April at Slot Planet. You had to play at Slot Planet to participate in the draw and earn points to it. For every 50 € cash you wagered, you earned 1 point. Slot Planet had some great offers that you could select under the promotional time. We had extra bonuses, different deposit offers that gave you bonuses or bonus spins but also, we had some days where you could earn double points to the race.

Some fantastic offers were available under this promotional period as you can hear, and our players seemed to enjoy it very much. We are very happy for that! Here at Slot Planet we want to do every day extra fun for you as a player.

In the future we will have more amazing promotions and cool prizes for you who missed the chance to participate in the Formula 1 Race. Make sure you have the correct details filled in to your account at Slot Planet to receive all news and updates from us. If you need help to update any details in your account, please contact our support that is available 24/7 for you here at Slot Planet. You can also read more about our promotions that is available here.

Summer is around the corner, and I can promise you right now, Slot Planet will make this summer the best summer ever! We have planned to make the best out of it and will try to have as much fun as we can. Who knows, you might be our next winner…