Blackjack guide at Slot Planet!

Welcome to our blackjack guide! We want to make it as smooth as possible for you as a player to know how to play the games we offer at Slot Planet. Come along!

First, all cards have different values which is equal to the card´s rank. If you are used by playing cards, this should be easy. The cards numbered with the numbers 2-10 are worth the same amount as the card is showing – 2 points up to 10 points. The face cards (the jack, queen and king) are all worth ten points each. Any ace is worth one or 11 points. You can choose while you are playing what will be more favorable to you as a player in that round.

How do I play Blackjack?

You will play against the dealer, you never play against any other player. You, and the dealer, will begin with a two-card hand. You will then get the chance to take additional cards or to stand with the cards you are having. If you would receive 21 in total directly, you will win against the dealer. If you receive 21 or have higher amount than the dealer, you will win. If you reach any amounts over 21 in total or receive a lower amount than the dealer (if he receives anything below 21), then you will lose.

You have the following option as a player while you are playing Blackjack:

Hit: This means that you want the dealer to give you another card to your hand.

Stand: This means that you are satisfied with the cards and the amount you are having.

Double Down: You can double your initial bet in return for receiving one draw card.

Split: If you have two like cards (pair of 5s or kings for example) you could choose to split them up to receive 2 new cards, one to each card. You will then be playing with two hands instead of one.

Surrender: This allows you as a player to forfeit the hand directly with an automatic loss of half of the original bet you have made. This is only available in the first round – not when a player draws a card or if the dealer receives 21.

When you are playing online you will click on the buttons available but if you are playing live you will signal with your hands or say these things out loud.

This is a basic guide to understand how blackjack does work and what everything means. We hope we have leaned you some new things!

Here at Slot Planet we have many different blackjack games to offer, you can find them all in our game section. If you have any questions regarding a game or anything else you might think of, do not hesitate to contact our support that is available 24/7.