We’ve just released some games from Adoptit Publishing for you!

Woop woop! We’ve just released some new awesome games here at Slot Planet. The games are published by an exciting new game provider: Adoptit Publishing. With over 600 games to choose from, we hope that you will find a new game or two that will be your new favourites.

Trip Trap Troll

Take the leader roll and make sure the goats will pass the bridge safely as in the story The Three Billy Goats Gruff. The three goats will give you different benefits while you lead them. But hey! Be careful out there, if you see 3 Trolls, you need to be prepared. The Troll will surely do anything to heat up the Troll Hot Tub…

The new slot machine Trip Trap Troll from Adoptit Publishing has 25 win lines. Your bet is split evenly across all 25 win lines, so you’ll bet the same amount per line. Whenever you win, the winning symbols crash into pieces, and the symbols above fall into place. This way you can win multiple times on the same spin!

Adoptit Publishing also made sure that the new Trip Trap Troll slot machine also has some amazing features. The first feature in Trip Trap Troll is Goats Go Wild. The goats are crossing a bridge, and as they cross the bridge there’s a chance they’ll go wild! A small goat goes wild after 2 consecutive wins, the medium sized goat goes wild after 4 consecutive wins and the big goat goes wild after 6 consecutive wins. And of course, the bigger the goat, the bigger the wins!

Another feature in the Trip Trap Troll game is the Troll’s Hot Tub Feature. The Hot Tub symbol can appear on the fifth reel during Trip Trap Troll’s Free Spin mode. If you collect 3 symbols, you’ll get 2 extra free spins. When you collect six of them, you’ll get 2 more and a 2x multiplier on any following wins!

The last feature is Crashing Cages.

So go ahead and give the new Trip Trap Troll slot machine by Adoptit Publishing a shot on Slot Planet!

Rampage Riches

Watch out! A volcanic eruption released a mysterious rock and after this the whole world turned into totally chaos. The government called this day the V-DAY and created a scientific company that should take control of the world again. Unfortunately, their experiment went too far and trigged the rock into something bad… They created 5 reptilian dragons that want to destroy anything in their way. Would you dare to meet them in a battle?

The new slot machine Rampage Riches from Adoptit Publishing has 20 win lines. You can make minimum bets of 0.20 up to 400. The wild symbol in the slot game Rampage Riches is a rock that will substitute for any other symbol and can help you win even more in one round.

If you receive the Exploding Wild symbol in any position on reel 3 it may trigger the exploding wild feature. The exploding wild feature can randomly change between 2 and 5 symbols into wild symbols in that game round.

Adoptit Publishing have made a great system in the slot machine Rampage Riches and added 30 different achievements you can reach by playing the game. Some of the achievements you can reach in the slot machine is to play the spins, you will reach one achievement to play 1 spin and then up to 25.000 spins. Also, when you earn bonus prices, reach bonus level 1, 2 or 3, get to level 4 with any Kaiju or complete the bonus round with all Kaiju´s. These are some of the achievements you can reach while playing the game Rampage Riches.

There are 4 different Kaiju you can choose between while playing the bonus round. They are all different and have different characteristic.

  • Allirog – This Kaiju was originally a test subject and his captors used vivisection to fuse robotic implants into his body. The radiation led Allirog to increase size and greatly amplified his abilities.
  • Giga Shell – Gene studies would think that Giga Shell started as an alligator snapping turtle that got in contact with virillium radiation. He will use his shell to destroy anything in its path.
  • King Genma – This is the most aggressive and destructive Kaiju in the game Rampage Riches. King Genma became a 3-headed dragon through mutation of bats and snakes.
  • Tyranaziod – A reptilian creature who has been hidden away for centuries in the ocean. This Kaiju most impressive destructive power would be his deadly accurate blast of nuclear plasma.

There is one more Kaiju in the Rampage Riches slot machine that is a creature that is fighting for the humans and is not evil.

  • Chronos – Sabretech stepped up their military hardware program to create this colossal and humanoid robotic war machine to fight for the humans.

Go and find your favorite Kaiju in the Rampage Riches slot machine by Adoptit Publishing at Slot Planet!

That was some of the new games we had for you this time from the provider Adoptit Publishing. Here at Slot Planet we´re adding new games often to make sure you will have the best experience and a lot of fun. We hope you will find a new favourite game amongst the games above.