New year, new me!

Who is up for a new look and a fresh start this year? At least Slot Planet is!

Have you taken the time to check out the brand-new design of Slot Planet? Make sure you do, as I have a lot of fantastic things I want to share with you. Slot Planet has changed the look and it is here to stay!


What kind of weekend player are you?

Have you thought of it by any chance? Here at Slot Planet we have over 600 games available and they are all different types of games. It offers you as a player a variety of online games guaranteed to match your taste. If you always play slots for example, maybe you will try something else this weekend after you have read this. Let’s find out!


We’ve just released some games from Adpoptit Publishing for you!

Woop woop! We’ve just released some new awesome games here at Slot Planet. The games are published by an exciting new game provider: Adoptit Publishing. With over 600 games to choose from, we hope that you will find a new game or two that will be your new favorites.